The Employee Mindset

The mindset of an employee is much different than that of the entrepreneur. With no one to tell you what to do and how to do it may be difficult but can also be very rewarding.
Only you can overcome these obstacles and make them merely circumstances.

Many beginning entrepreneurs face a number of major challenges when they begin their first endeavor. Among them may be having an employee mindset. Those who have held public jobs became accustomed to being instructed and directed on how to do every task. The boss or manager had the plan and implemented it as they saw fit. They may have occasionally sought your input but the final procedure was theirs to decide.

When we as entrepreneurs take the initiative to become self employed the direction of a boss is no longer a factor in the process. We must have the personal drive and determination to accomplish every task within ourselves. The mindset we have must be such that we realize "WE" are in control of every detail and implementing them. This can be a huge obstacle if much of our careers have been spent working for others. At times it can be so overwhelming to us that we nearly give up and quit.

Everyone's mindset and thought process is different and how we fight this problem is within each of us. Of the many ways to combat it, the best I have found is to remember a time when I wasn't working for someone else. The things I did away from an employer when I make the decisions on what to do and how to proceed with it. I determined the priority of each task and everything involved with achieving it. Even the need for instruction in the process was my responsibility to gain and I did what it took. I made each decision as I determined, with the knowledge that I was responsible of the outcome. Consciously knowing I am in control of every aspect of my business requires me to be accountable to me, THE BOSS.

I know entrepreneurs must deal with their own situations but to control our mindset is one of the greatest achievements. To know I control my time and life according to my convictions and beliefs. Answering to myself alone and being responsible for my actions is of utmost satisfaction. The feeling of accomplishment that you have successfully completed something no one else could because it was your dream.


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