Internet Entrepreneur Skills For Success

I often get asked what kind of skill can I develop that will make me more successful. In this article I'll share some of them.

These are not scientific or by any "guru", they are just my observation in my journey as a full time entrepreneur the last 6 or so years. Please feel free to make your own list also if you have ideas how to improve or new ideas about skills that you would like to add.

1. TAKING RESPONSIBILITY. I remember when I lived in Serbia, and when I worked "crappy" jobs here in America, I use to say, why me, it's not fair etc... At some point realizing that it's my fault and I had to take responsibility for my situation, that things finally started to change for the better. So I think taking responsibility is a very important principle you should have. I know it's hard, but try not to blame others, and see how you can take responsibility for the situation next time.

2. CONSIDERATION OF OTHERS. I think most people are in-considerate. I know people get upset when I say this at seminars, but I believe it's true. Now to clarify what I mean, considerate doesn't mean nice or rude etc.. A person who goes to church, and is kind, and gives to charity etc., can be IN-CONSIDERATE. Also an evil person can be considerate. So what is considerate? Considerate in my definition is someone who projects themselves into someone else and thinks in advance about the actions and how they affect the other person. So when they talk or do something they think how will that affect the other person. Very few people have this skill or are even aware of it. If you can develop this skill to analyze everything from the perspective of the other person, you will have a better chance to become more successful.

Consideration will lead in writing better copy, closing more deals etc...

3. COMMON SENSE. One thing that amazes me is how few people have common sense and need everything explained to them. They can't just think things through, but need like a step-by-step press. For example press this button, fill in this line, say these words to your employee etc... and are not able to think what is a logical next step or does this make sense etc... Now the people who don't have common sense probably think they have it, so I'm not sure how to fix this, but I know it's important. Maybe ask yourself if you have it or not and try to be honest with your self.

4. SELF HONESTY. I feel like most people don't want to face the reality and lie to themselves of the real situation. I notice how the way a person describes what is going on is a total disconnect from reality. I think in order to grow, you must admit even bad things to yourself, so you can change them. You must be 100% transparent to yourself and not sugarcoat anything.

5. BAILOUT. I remember how Serbia produced the most ugly and horrible car on the planet after East Germany (they did it for the same reason). The reason Serbia had this ugly car, was that they didn't have to make a good one, the company lost billions year after year and every year for decades they were bailed out. When someone has a bailout available, they are robbed of their God given resourcefulness. I have been privileged to meet over 200 successful "gurus" and listened to their speeches. One thing I noticed is that most of these gurus, were pushed in a corner at some point of time, and that was the pivotal moment in their life. In each case there was no bailout, they had to dig deep and find resourcefulness within themselves to pull out. But they had no bailout. Some were literally on the street or close to it. No one would lend or give them money and they were forced to figure it out. I guess the lesson is to try to do things with your resources when possible and pretend like there is no bailout (even if there is)! Maybe it's impossible, since it takes a huge will-power, but I think it's important to try that.

HERE ARE SOME OF THE TOP PROFESSIONAL SKILLS TO DEVELOP as an entrepreneur that I think will make you successful in any business (or more successful if you already are):

1. COPYWRITING. Even if you don't want to ever write copy like I do, understanding it will make you more successful. If you have been on my list, you probably know that I have no skill in writing according to 99% of people who comment on it, somehow I'm able to make a profit. Why is that? Well I think the reason copywriting is important and it's not about the ability to write property grammar or spell correctly, it's about the ability to communicate with your prospect and make a connection. PSYCHOLOGY is the key to copywriting. Now I don't have a background in psychology, but I like to observe people and what drives them. Also one blessing I had, was the life experience to see people in different systems from Communism, Socialism to Capitalism and how people behave in each, and derive what motivates them and drives them to action or in-action in each.

I have been paid to write copy a few times and have been able to produce results, but I'm far from the best copywriter. Every entrepreneur should understand copywriting because it's an integral par to any:

- video

- landing page

- auto-responder

- voice blast

- radio ad

- postcard

- sales letter


It's all about copywriting! You have to connect with the audience. Even when you talk one on one at a seminar or networking meeting or on a sales call. I think that 99% of entrepreneurs just don't care about copywriting and we know the horrible failure rate entrepreneurs have (something like 90% fail). I think this is one of the reasons, so if you can improve this skill, go for it. Spend at least 1 hour a week improving your copywriting skills (even if you will not do it, so you understand it). I will have a bootcamp on copy-wring alone one day, THAT IS HOW IMPORTANT I THINK IT IS!

2. TRAFFIC. I think you have to have the ability to drive prospects to your business (I don't mean only websites). Real Estate Investor and Citrus REIA and Tampa Bay REIA group leader a few weekends ago was able to drive 1000 people to his open house. How many realtors in America can drive 1000 people to their open house? Just so you know this is not made up, I was there, and couldn't believe it if I haven't seen it with my own 2 eyes!

Now that can be traffic online or offline it doesn't matter, but you have to be able to drive traffic of prospects to your funnel. In this leaders, case the funnel started with an open house and registering the prospects on his list. This is a very important skill, but most entrepreneurs can't do it, and are not willing to learn it or are to cheap to pay for someone to do it for them. But without this skill you can't be that successful in business. However I can tell you that even in John's case, skill #1 (copywriting) played a pivotal role to his success (he wrote some incredible copy!). However that is just a part. So these two skills are very important!

3. VIDEO. This is a future skill. I don't think if you can't do it, it will break you today, but I think we are heading there. I think we will need a skill to make effective videos. Here is why. I think that everyone on their phone, computer or TV will be able to push a few buttons and pull up a video about you or your business and in a few seconds or minutes and decide GO/NO GO. So that skill is going to be critical. Now if you have that skill now, you are ahead. There are millionaires being made as we speak because they have mastered video effectively. It's not an easy skill and there is much involved, but it's worth mastering.

Tell us what you think and how we can all grow and become better entrepreneurs.


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