How to Be a Leader When You Are Not the Boss

Most of us are followers. Some are better followers than others and sometimes our world cries out for leadership when you're not the boss. The boss may be good or bad but that should not be a deterrent to you step up to a leadership role within your group. I am not advocating a Coup, just a few tips on how to lead when your not the leader.

1. Be a visionary.
2. Be the best at Show and Tell
3. Have integrity
4. Demonstrate Initiative
5. Be Accountable

Possibly the list does not stop there but if you or anyone consistently demonstrates those five attributes your will be a leader among any group, in any role, in which you participate.
So let's take a brief look at each of these attributes:

Visionary-Being visionary is one of the essentials in being a leader and even leaders sometime struggle with this one. Having an inspirational goal and a plan to get there is no small task. Oh sure, the goal is easy enough but the plan to get there is another.

A goal without a plan to achieve it is worthless. So, make sure you have a plan, even if it is the wrong plan you are ahead of the game.

Show and Tell-goes along with being visionary. Having a goal and being able to communicate it to others and tell them how to reach it is masterful and something that few have. Develop great communication skills.

Integrity-Integrity, like visionary is one of the leadership essential. But few people are willing to walk the talk. You be one of them!

Initiative-Simply put, work in the white spaces of your job description.

Accountability-The last on the list but certainly not the least important. We are all accountable to someone. You be the poster boy!

There you have it. Five simple but not easy steps to being a leader when you are not the boss!


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